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DYNA Firewood Processor SC16

DYNA SC-16 Rapid Split

Firewood Processor

  • One Button Splitter Autocycle
  • Under 4 Second Splitter Cycle
  • 6 Cords/hour Output Rating
  • 16″ Rated Log Diameter (22″ Max)
  • 24′ Log Length capacity
  • 2 Speed Splitter Cylinder
  • 56 HP Kohler Diesel Standard
  • Hi-Lo Valve
  • Electric Brakes
  • Short Stroke Auto-Cycle




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The new 2024 SC16 panel is equipped with a new Murphy PV-485 4.3” LCD engine control, along with emergency stop on the panel
The redesign of our trough cleats improves log feeding
Standard spare tire mount
The 2024 SC16 Rapid Split features two standard vertical wedge holders for easy accessibility
We have rotated the engine 180 degrees for easier service and accessibility
Through the optional MyDyna portal you have real time data from the hydraulics to the engine, along with being able to track your processor’s location. You also have the option to disable the machine if it is lost or stolen while out on rental
The improved log deck spacing is designed for 4’ logs on two deck arms and 8’ on three deck arms
Safety interlocks prevent the splitter autocycle from operating when the doors are open

With several upgrades to the 2024 SC16 Rapid Split, the most notable is the splitter autocycle and adjustable stroke length on the cylinder to help save more time processing firewood. With a two-speed splitter the full stroke cycle time is sub four seconds. Also, improved hose routing reduces debris build up. The auto cycle hall effect sensors eliminate extend and retract pressure spikes, reducing wear on the cylinder, valve, and hoses.

The SC-16 Firewood Processor is equipped with our new standard 2.2 Liter 49 HP Tier 4 CAT diesel engine, coupled with a commanding 5-inch x 30-inch hydraulic cylinder. This dynamic duo orchestrates a staggering output of up to 6 cords per hour, a testimony to its industrial-grade prowess.

Embracing versatility, the SC-16 boasts a rated capacity for logs with a 22-inch diameter and up to 24 feet in length, accommodating even the most substantial wood sources. Meanwhile, the machine’s supreme adaptability is showcased by its capability to manage logs with a maximum diameter of 22 inches – a feat that showcases its robust engineering.

While retaining its hallmark portability, the SC-16 Firewood Processor is an industrial-grade marvel, necessitating a tow vehicle equipped with an electric trailer brake control for optimal performance and safety.

Effortlessly transitioning from processing to transportation, the SC-16 stands as an epitome of operational ease. Controlled by just three ergonomic joystick commands, the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, harvester saw, and splitting wedge harmoniously respond to your guidance from a central operator station. This streamlined orchestration ensures optimal precision and efficiency, while the machine’s mobility remains unmarred. Swiftly transportable between your wood yard, worksite, or rental locations, the SC-16 Firewood Processor epitomizes the convergence of power, simplicity, and versatility in the world of firewood processing.


New Splitter Autocycle

With the new Rapid Split SC16, you can produce up to 6 full cord an hour. Featuring a splitter autocycle with a under 4 second full cycle time with hi-lo two speed. One button splitter operation with adjustable stroke length to save even more time.


Easy to Use!

With user friendy controls, the Dyna SC16 makes it easy to operate. Features two ergonomic joystick hydraulic controls and a splitter lever, it is quick and easy to learn how to start producing firewood. Great for full time operators, first time renters and everyone in between!


GPS Tracking and Telematics

Through the optional MyDyna portal you have data from the hydraulics to the engine, along with being able to track your processor’s location when it is running. You also have the option to disable the machine if it is lost or stolen while out on rental

Faster Service Times

We rotated the KDI engine 180 degrees to allow for easier access to filters for faster engine service

The Safer Processor

Safety interlocks prevent the splitter autocycle from operating when the doors are open

Log Diameter 16 inch (22 inch Max)
Log Length 24 foot
Power Options 49 HP Tier 4 CAT Diesel, 56 HP Kohler KDI Diesel
Transport Dimensions W: 89 inch
L: 312 inch
H: 130 Inch
Weight: 9760 lbs
Splitting Cycle Time 4 seconds
Log Loading Hydraulic Deck Lifter Standard
Maximum Finished Cut Piece  26 inch
Splitting Options 4-way Standard,
6-way Optional,
8-way Optional (12 inch Max Diameter)
Saw Bar and Chain 25 inch Harvester Bar (752HSFN104)
404 Harvester Saw Chain (18HX089E)
Hydraulic Pump Flow 102 gallons per minute


    Standard features and Bold Improvements Included:

    • Ergonomic Two Joysticks Hydraulic Controls and a Splitter Lever

    • IP67 rated electronic and engine compartment (2019 and up models)

    • Automatic crooked log in-feed correction (2019 and up models)

    • Heavy gauge steel hinged engine cover (2019 and up models)

    • 3-section pump for running multiple functions at one time

    • Color LCD easy to read control panel(2019 and up models)

    • 5 Pin Light and 4 Wheel Brake Tow Package

    • Automatic bar and chain oiler (2019 and up models)

    • Diamond Plate 30-gallon fuel tank / toolbox

    • Heavier gauge safety guards (2019 and up models)

    • Adjustable 4-way firewood splitting wedge

    • Adjustable height 16 Foot Belt Conveyor

    • 2-5/16-inch Ball Hitch (2019 and up models)

    • Rolling log clamp (2019 and up models)

    • Sawdust Chute (2019 and up models)

    • Adjustable Hydraulic Wedge

    • Electric Conveyor Winch

    • Hydraulic Booster Valve

    • Hydraulic Deck Lifter

    • Tandem Torsion Axles

    • 25-inch harvester bar

    • Operators work platform


    Optional upgrades:

    • Operator seat and footrest

    • 6-way firewood splitting wedge

    • 8-way firewood splitting wedge (8-way wedge limited to 12-inch diameter logs)

    • Auxiliary Hydraulics Quick Connects

    • Extended warranty available

    • LED Work Lights

    • Canopy for Operator station

    • Bagger attachment to collect debris



This equipment comes with a 36 month limited warranty. If any product or part is proved to be defective 36 months from the date of purchase, by reason of improper workmanship and/or material we will replace, at our discretion, that part or product at no charge to you. To obtain warranty service, the customer must deliver the part or product to the Factory address at the customer's expense. A copy of the original sales invoice is required when requesting warranty work.

The warranty is limited to 60 days on the saw bar and 1 year on the splitting wedge and the conveyor belt. The saw chain is not covered under this warranty. The CAT, Kohler, and Honda engines are warrantied separately according to their factory (typically 2-3 years).

The above warranty does not cover defects caused by modification, alteration, or repair of the part or product in question, by anyone other than the manufacturer, physical abuse to, or misuse of, the product or use or assembly thereof in any manner contrary to the accompanying instructions.


Purchasing a used DYNA Firewood Processor from the Factory? It may come with a 1 year limited warranty. Speak with your sales representative for more details.